Step by step Transient Thermal Analysis – Cooling of molten Aluminum

Transient thermal analysis is an important procedure to determine the thermal behavior of a system in a specific period of time. In phase transition of molding process or in electronic parts simulations it is essential to consider the timely behavior of temperature changes. Using ANSYS transient thermal module we can evaluate complex systems in a fast and efficient way. In this video tutorial, the molten aluminum is entered into the mold at 800°C while the temperature of the mold is initially at 30°C.

The top and side faces of the mold exchange heat with the environment by free convection in various rates. Specific heat and density will be replaced by enthalpy for the aluminum and the end time for the analysis will be 25 minutes (1500 seconds).

Through this tutorial we will learn how to create additional material data via commands in Mechanical Application on workbench. Also, we can see how to analyze solidification of molten aluminum in the sand mold with convection boundary condition through a transient thermal analysis.

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