FEM Analysis and optimization of middle class truck chassis

✍️ In the critical parts of the front chassis of a middle class truck, we have determined the cause of the possible component failure and, proposed the optimized solutions using FEM.
For this purpose, based on the geometric 3D model provided by customer and the defined load variants, we create an FE model in which the component-related behavior of the front chassis can be determined. This FE model is used to calibrate the design variations such as the front chassis geometry, strength and life time.

Chassis fatigue analysis, FEM analysis
Chassis fatigue analysis, FEM analysis

The finite element method is a simulation technique used in engineering. It is used to investigate the behaviour of a material by dividing it into small, discrete elements.

It is often used for problems in solid mechanics and structural analysis, but has many applications in other areas such as acoustics, heat transfer or electromagnetics. In finite element analysis, an unknown function is approximated by a set of linear functions. The approximation is used to represent the unknown function in an element basis where the unknown is discretized on a regular grid.

This technique was first developed to simulate how materials behave and can be applied to any problem where strength, stiffness or other properties need to be calculated.

Finite element analysis is used in many contexts, such as computer aided engineering design, structural analysis and finite element method simulations.

The technique provides a way to calculate the stresses on a structure caused by forces and applied moments acting on the structure at its nodes. It is also used in heat transfer and fluid mechanics to analyze fluid flows around solid objects.

In the middle class truck chassis project, we evaluated the Von-Mises equivalent stresses in the highly loaded and critical zones using FEM.

We have analyzed the following load cases:
LC1: Rough road with heavy front attachment and maximum weight
LC2: Rough road without attachment, fully loaded
LC3: Driving in a curve way
LC4: Full braking

Finally we have proposed the optimization ideas and solutions for manufactured chassis and future designs.

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