Hydrostatic Calculation | SolidWorks Tutorial

Comparison of FEM and analytical results for hydrostatic pressure calculation using SolidWorks simulation. One of the common issues in the engineering world is Hydrostatic pressure. Any plate exposed to a liquid, such as a gate valve in a dam, the wall of a liquid storage tank, or the hull of a ship at rest, is subjected to Hydrostatic pressure.

In this tutorial, we are going to use SolidWorks simulation to analyze a plate that blocks the end of a freshwater channel and compare the results of hydrostatic calculation with the analytical solution.

Through this tutorial we are going to learn how to impose a non-uniform pressure on a plate and modelling and analysis of an assembly in the SolidWorks simulation environment.

We will define a new coordinate system, no-penetration and bonded contacts between parts, and fixed and hinged fixture to find out the contact force between two different parts.

Finally, we will see analytical solution and comparison of results with finite element results. The mentioned example in this video tutorial is based on an exercise from “Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications” chapter 3 by Yunus Cengel (Author) and John Cimbala (Author).

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