Design in engineering

✍️ Design in engineering is a key topic. Have you ever thought about how to design a new product and develop an existing device or system? With creative design steps, you will find the solution and getting familiar with the design path.

You want to design or invent a new device? Then give a hand to your design process by following these essential design steps. Design like an engineer to find a structural way for your variant phases of design.

Designing for engineering is always a challenging task. however, it can make life easier and happier for a group of people. There are several definitions of engineering design. It is the process of creating a system, component, or a process to meet specific needs. Engineering design is a decision-making process and uses engineering sciences and mathematics to convert resources optimally, to meet an objective.

We will get familiar with these definitions through this video. The explained design process in this video, can be applied in design in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and so on.

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As Dinesh Paliwal said all leading brands started with and still possess the DNA of innovation and creativity, but it is often limited to one or two areas such as design or engineering. For a company to prosper, it must inject this innovative spirit into every aspect of the business.

 Dinesh Paliwal quote - Design in engineering

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