Design of a composite joint in Ansys Composite PrepPost (ACP)

In this video tutorial, we are going to model a composite joint using Ansys Composite PrepPost with full details. It demonstrates an assembly modeling approach in ACP and highlights the strengths of the oriented element sets. T-Joints are typical connections in composite constructions. They are used to connect two parts at right angles.

Modeling will be done using Design Modeler and SpaceClaim as ANSYS Geometry environments. During this tutorial, we are going to get familiar with the use of Oriented Selection Set (OSS) in combination with multiple rosettes. Moreover, we can build up in different directions from the same surface.

Also, we are going to learn about the dependency of the lay-up orientation to the element normal direction. To design a good composite joint you should be master in the modeling of a composite as a ply by ply process and Learn how to use excel add-on of ACP for editing of composite lay-up properties.

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