Simulation of the Impact Phenomena – ANSYS tutorial

✍️ In this tutorial, we will learn how to do a simulation of the Impact using ANSYS Explicit Dynamics. We use nonlinear materials for impact analysis.

Through this tutorial, we will simulate the impact of a bullet on a steel wall. The dimensions of the model are chosen based on a calibre 22 bullet. We will find out about the steel wall resistance to the fired bullet, which hits it at a speed of 900 meters per second in a perpendicular direction.

One of the most difficult aspects of designing a structure’s response to an event is modeling the dynamic behavior of that structure. ANSYS Workbench Explicit Dynamics, which is part of ANSYS Simulation, makes it possible to create computational models of events like earthquakes, explosions or even a car crash, in order to analyze how they might affect your design.

Explicit Dynamics is the fastest and most accurate method to model structure dynamics, allowing you to explore the dynamic behavior of your design in an easy-to-use environment. With Simplified Dynamic Analysis, you can simulate over 100 different types of events like earthquakes or explosions with a single command.

In this project, we can also see the directional deformation of the wall and exactly how much our steel wall has deformed perpendicular to its surface and measure how much the bullet has penetrated the steel plate. We will learn how to set up an impact analysis in ANSYS Workbench Explicit Dynamics and extract desired outputs.

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